Collecting old forgotten pornography images and screen captures from the 1960’s to 1980’s, Elizabeth Ilsley is re-appropriating the sexy image by cropping to the most interesting part she chooses and forcing the viewer to see what she wants them to see. On top lie witty one-liners and honest nods to her own experiences in life with romance and every day girl problems like eating a whole box of mini rolls and basking in loneliness to comments about her own body. Inspired by the works of Richard Prince and Tracey Emin, the work prompts conversation about exploiting to exploited women, and the familiarity of the text and how pornography invades daily life in many ways. Shocking to some, hilarious to the next and sexy to the rest Ilsley provides a feminist message on forty-two square inch boards from a twenty-one-year-old mind full of regrets and seductive stories to tell.. 

Not content with conquering the internet and seeing her artwork hanging on walls all over the world, visual artist Elizabeth Ilsley has taken her unique brand of feminist punk paintings to the world of fashion, creating one off, hand designed, hand painted leather jackets that are already creating shockwaves. Personal, honest, shocking, funny but always relatable, Ilsley’s leather jackets feature slogans that are synonymous with the Birmingham based, young artist. From the moment she painted her first jacket, the now infamous I SHAVE MY LEGS FOR YOU, praise and demand came flooding in from the creative community at large. Often modelling her jackets herself, everyone wants to be part of the movement that empowers women and smashes any out dated taboos. Fans of her artwork range from photographers, designers, models, artists, musicians, bands, creative directors and even Rihanna. Elizabeth Ilsley leather is sold exclusively with Liberty London.

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